Summer season: 25th June - 5th September 2021 

Foto: Marius Nergård Pettersen

Skogadalsbøen is the place to experience the good old days in the mountains, in the middle of the Jotunheimen. It is beautifully located in the Utladalen valley, below the peaks of Gjertvasstind and Fannaråken.


 The lodge has 87 bunks in two-bunk and four-bunk rooms, a larger room and a dormitory. The common room and the sleeping quarters are in the main lodge. There are toilets, showers and a large drying room in a separate building. The lodge has a diesel generator (230 VAC).


 Skogadalsbøen is staffed at Easter and in summer. In the off season during the rest of the year, it offers self-service lodging, accessible by using the DNT cabin key.

Summer access:In summer season you can take a bus from Oslo to Otta/Lom and from Otta/Lom to Sognefjellshytta. From Sognefjellshytta there is a five hour hike to Skogadalsbøen. There is also the possibility of taking the Valdressekspressen from Oslo to Øvre Årdal. From Øvre Årdal there is a bus to Hjelle (Tindevegsbussen). And from Hjelle there is a day’s hike to Skogadalsbøen.

Bus Oslo - Lom, see www.nor-way.no (Nordfjordekspressen).

Bus Otta/Lom - Sognefjellshytta/Krossbu, see www.fjord1.no

Bus Oslo - Øvre Årdal, se www.nor-way.no (Valdresekspressen)

Bus Årdal/Hjelle - Turtagrø (Tindevegsbussen)

Winter access: At Easter, take a train to Otta and then a bus to Bøverkinnhalsen. Then ski about 16 km to Krossbu/Sognefjellshytta (where you can stay the night). From here, there's a 13 km staked route to Skogadalsbøen.